Free Comic Book Day: Preview the Books!

May brings many more things besides just flowers! One of the most important for fans of funny books and four-color adventures is Free Comic Book Day. Held the first Saturday in May, local comic book stores give away, yes you read that correctly, give away comic books in the hopes of promoting, celebrating and exposing new and seasoned readers to a host of comics covering various genres and age groups! This year has several great comics, from the familiar to the fresh faces, and we're here to give you a preview of some of the ones you definitely don't want to miss during this event!

Superhero Books: One of THE biggest characters of comics comes to FCBD, when Superman: War of the Supermen #0 arrives that fateful Saturday. One of the biggest summer events, this issue will catch the eye of casual and devoted comic readers alike. Also, Iron Man/Thor brings two of Marvel's heavy hitters together in this Matt Fraction-penned issue. Want more Tony Stark? Check out Iron Man: Supernova. Get the young'uns onboard as well, with the DC Kids Mega-Sampler, which features many of DC's big heroes and names!

Action! Drama! Adventure!: For those who missed it the first time, Dynamite Entertainment presents Kevin Smith's Green Hornet #1. The retelling of a pulp legend began with this issue! Also, Top Cow gives an overview of its planned mega-story Artifacts with Artifacts: First Look. Get on board for one of the big events of summer here! G.I.Joe #155 1/2 is also on the way, and Atomic Robo and Friends gives you more kooky, addictive adventure! Then there's Doctor Solar/Magnus, written by Jim Shooter!

For the Kids! There's plenty for kids of all ages, but specifically for the younger ones there's books like Toy Story, Shrek & the Penguins of Madagascar, and, one that always gets the kids' attention, Sonic the Hedgehog! Of course you can't go wrong either with the gang from Riverdale! Archie's Summer Special and don't miss the classic YOW! The John Stanley Library Collection, which collects tales from classic characters such as Nancy and Tubby. Of course there's always Top Shelf's Owly!

Characters We're Always Happy to See: Look everyone! The Tick #1 is here to celebrate the 24th anniversary of the blue one's first appearance! Bongo Comics, creators of comics based on Futurama and The Simpsons, have Bongo Comics Free-For-All in store, and it's one of the more interesting FCBD combos, when Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock is available to all on May 1st! A very recognizable face, especially to fans of Mark Waid, is issue one of Irredeemable.


The Odds, The Good, and the Rest! Many of these are going to be books you're going to want to pick up, if nothing more than just for the heck of it! Library of American Comics #0 gives previews of upcoming volumes of collections of some of America's most treasured characters. There's also S.E. Hinton/Fame a comic half devoted to the life of pop icon in the making Lady Gaga and a noted young adult author. The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Comics could provide some great tips for those just starting collections, and the Fearless Dawn/Asylum Press Sampler will show you a preview of new and upcoming stories from the indie publisher!

To see the full list of comics available on FCBD, and to see where a store in your area might happen to have an event going on to celebrate the occasion, go to Remember, supply and title availability will depend on each store! Have fun, and happy Free Comic Book Day!