Guardians of the Galaxy To Be Featured On Subway Meals and Merchandising

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy may seem perfectly-suited to Happy Meal toys: with a raccoon, a talking tree and otherwise a more diverse (both in terms of gender and race) team than we usually see from Marvel, the team has a ton of promise for merchandising opportunities directed at kids.

Instead, though, it's finding its way to Subway -- a favorite of Disney's, as you'll remember that movies like The Lone Ranger have ended up there as well.

The space-based superteam will grace in-store signage, to-go cups and other disposable merchandise...and if past films are any indication, there will be reusable shopping bags emblazoned with the Guardians promotional art that you can buy inexpensively with your meal.

You can also, as you'll see above, enter the "Galaxy of Fresh" and win a number of prizes, including a year-long gym membership, a year's worth of free Subway subs, movie tickets, concession cash and digital comics. You can check it out and sign up by clicking this link, although you don't qualify for any of the prizes until you start entering codes from on your Guardians of the Galaxy-branded Subway purchases.

No matter what your code gives you, you can earn a free movie ticket for every five you enter.

Subway has proven itself to be pretty geek-friendly over the years; a location close to the convention center in San Diego always runs specials and staffs up huge during Comic Con International, for starters, but more importantly, they've thrown their advertising dollars behind fanboy-friendly TV like Chuck, which was literally saved by Subway's involvement, and Community.