Heroes Wanted: DC's Darkness & Light Art Show

The video starts " In the Horn of Africa 13 million people are suffering through the worst hunger crisis in 60 years..."

Yes it's another charity video - No not KONY - but it is something to do with villains just fake ones - it's DC's Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism.

DC, with Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps are looking to help and asking you to "become a hero" by supporting these causes. DC's part in all of this is awareness - they're taking the Justice League on the road... and art road show to be exact.

Dozens of pieces of art, some sculpture, some ink on paper and many more in different styles you'd never think DC's caped crusaders would be seen in. The names attached to the art vary as the medium does - Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Martin Ontiveros, Mike Palermo, Nathan Sawaya, Bwana Spoons and Amanda Visell - to name a few.


The show took over a store front in the Gaslight District in San Diego - right across the tracks from the San Diego Comic Con International.

Here's a selection of the works on display below - and check out the We Can Be Heroes website for more info on how you can start your origin story and help out those in need - www.WeCanBeHeroes.org