Ip Man Meets Bruce Lee In New Ip Man 3 Clip

(Photo: Pegasus)

The third Ip Man film is in theaters now in Hong Kong, and comes stateside January 22, 2016. A new clip released by ComingSoon finally gets us to the point in the titular character's life when he meets his most famous student, Bruce Lee.

Donnie Yen returns as Ip Man (Yip Man in Hong Kong), and Kwok-Kwan Chan, sometimes credited as Danny Chan, plays Bruce Lee for the third time in his career. Previously, he's played the character in fifty episodes of The Legend of Bruce Lee TV series, and again in a film of the same name.

The clip is playful and fun, and shows how much the young upstart has yet to learn at this point in his life. It also plays with Lee's signature style of kung fu, moving like water, at the very end.