Iron Man 3 Trailer: Rumors Of A Hulk Cameo

Iron Man 3 Hulk Cameo

Oh, those tricksters at Marvel Studios have once again jump-started the Hulk cameo rumors for Iron Man 3. When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner drove away together at the end of the Avengers, many speculated this could be a set-up for the Hulk having a cameo in Iron Man 3.

Of course, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige later denied that Hulk would appear in Iron Man 3. But can we really believe him? In the latest Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, there is a scene that has the Internet buzzing again.

About eight seconds into the second Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, there is scene of a man with a tattered pants leg and bare foot walking through burning rubble. Of course, when a comic book fan sees a tattered pants leg and bare foot, their thoughts naturally turn to the Hulk.

So do we have a Hulk in Iron Man 3? Probably not. In San Diego Comic Con footage, it was shown that Tony Stark's Malibu Mansion gets blown to pieces. The shoeless, tattered pants man walking through the rubble is probably Tony Stark. While the other foot is only shown partially and in the shadows, it appears to be some type of boot, maybe a burned out Iron Man boot.


Iron Man 3 bare foot

Our guess is that its Tony Stark and not Bruce Banner walking through the rubble. But by only showing a fleeting image of the scene, Marvel Studios probably knew what they were doing would get the Hulk rumors started again.