iZombie Co-Creator Chris Roberson Headed to Legendary For Black Bag Six-Issue Miniseries

black bag

Legendary Entertainment announced late last week that they will publish Black Bag this fall.

The miniseries, from iZombie writer Chris Roberson and Night Trap artist J.B. Bastos, has no official release date yet, but the miniseries will run for six issues, according to the announcement.

black bag

The series centers on a suburban housewife with a criminal past and a thirst for adrenaline, who gets a top-secret side job: carrying out the government's most dangerous missions.

You can check out the solicitation information below.

Renear is tired of playing by the rules. A valedictorian and top athlete in her younger years, she's sacrificed a promising career to tie the knot and play house… isn't there more to life than this? Of course there is - if you're willing to take the shot.


It's time the world found out what she is truly capable of.

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: J.B. Bastos
Colorist: Jamie Grant
Length of Series: 6 issue monthly series
Price: $3.99 single-issue cover price