Man Of Steel Conspiracy Theory: Did Superman Kill An Entire Family?

Man Of Steel KillingSpoiler Warning:

If you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, then you’ve probably already been spoiled by the numerous articles about the movie on the Internet. However, just in case, this article covers a major plot point in the film.

Man of Steel is one of the most controversial superhero movies ever made, because of a single scene. When General Zod points his heat vision at an innocent family, Superman snaps Zod’s neck to stop him. The scene outraged some Superman fans, who felt that Superman should never kill under any circumstances.

However, it turns out that the scene might have been even more deadly than most fans thought. The Illumi-Nerdi raises an interesting Man of Steel conspiracy theory that Superman might have actually killed the family he was trying to save. When Superman snaps Zod’s neck, he actually turns Zod’s head in the direction that the family is standing.

Could it be that when Superman twisted Zod’s head he actually sent Zod’s heat vision slicing through the family? After Superman initially kills Zod, he looks down and drops to his knees. It’s only after Superman looks up toward where the family was standing that he lets out a horrifying scream. What if Superman was not screaming over the sorrow of having to kill Zod but because he was looking at the sliced and toasted family?


Also, Lois Lane goes over to comfort Superman, and they both appear distraught. Is Lois really upset that Superman just killed someone who had wrecked massive destruction and death on her planet? It would seem much more logical that Lois might be comforting Superman over the death of the family.

Do we think Superman actually caused the death of the family? Not really, because director Zack Snyder and writer David Goyer have discussed in the past Superman's scream of anguish being over killing Zod. However, it is a rather fun conspiracy theory, and it's one that we hadn't heard before, so we thought we would share.