Man of Steel Star Cavill: Superman is Selfless, Fallible

Upon the news that 300 and Watchmen filmmaker Zack Snyder was directing Man of Steel, some of the early criticism was that he might allow his own indulgences to overtake the film, creating something that didn't "look like Superman" and felt instead more like Sucker Punch.

Those criticisms have waned, but haven't completely gone away, following the well-received theatrical trailer for the film (embedded below).

During a new interview with Total Film magazine, the movie's star, Henry Cavill, told the magazine that's not something that needs to be worried about--that they're conscious of Man of Steel being a movie about Superman, and that they've got a particular perspective on the character that's important to the project.

"This is not a movie about Zack Snyder directing something, or Henry Cavill playing a character," he said. "It's a selfless movie about a character who is going through what he is going through. He wants to do the right thing, but he's fallible, like the rest of us. He messes up, and that makes us love him more."


Asked whether, in the course of Superman's journeys, we might still expect to see Justice League happen despite recent setbacks, Cavill was either evasive or genuinely doesn't know.

"A decision's being made, I'm sure, post opening weekend," he told the magazine.