Marilyn Manson Demonstrates How Daryl & Michonne Will Hook Up On The Walking Dead

Marilyn Mason Michonne & Daryl Scissors

In a Talking Dead episode that will live in infamy, Marilyn Manson shared many bizarre, rambling theories on The Walking Dead. Of course, sometimes words alone were not enough, and at one point, Manson used his hands to help the viewing audience visualize what he thought was going to happen between Michonne & Daryl Dixon.

After executive producer Gale Anne Hurd shared her insight on Tyreese and Carol for this season, Manson blurted out, “Can I make a strong prediction? That Michonne and Daryl [visually showing two scissors coming together with his hands].”

A confused Chris Hardwick asked, “You think Michonne and Daryl are going to scissor each other?” Manson answered, “They are going to hook up. I think they are going to hook up.” Jack Osbourne added, “And they would make awesome zombie warrior babies.”

Fortunately, AMC has released a clip online of Manson’s Daryl and Michonne prediction, so you can view the scissoring demonstration for yourself.