Michael B. Jordan Talks Star Wars Episode 7 & Fantastic Four Rumors

Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the hottest rising stars in Hollywood, so his name seems to come up a lot in casting rumors regarding several high profile films. The two biggest rumors circulating of interest to comic book fans is that Jordan is up for a mystery role in Star Wars Episode 7 and up for the role of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot.

When We Got This Covered interviewed Jordan as part of his promotional work for the Fruitvale Station DVD & Blu-Ray release, they tried to get him to either confirm or deny rumors about his casting in Star Wars: Episode 7, ID Forever Part I and Fantastic Four. While Jordan talked around the question, he didn't deny that he was under consideration for any of the roles.

"With the Star Wars and all these other franchises, Fantastic Four and stuff like that, it's good to be in the mix of those conversations. You know, it wasn't like that before, so it's kind of cool to be in those conversations right now," said Jordan.

When pressed for what he might be doing to prepare for future roles, Jordan did reveal that he was seeing his nutritionist and starting to get back in shape just in case any roles might come up in the future.