One More Month of New Marvel NOW! Solicitations Coming

Fans who are wondering exactly how many Marvel NOW! titles there will be and how long it will be before they can finally settle in and figure out their pull list got an answer today from Marvel Executive Editor/Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort.

They're not done yet.

According to Brevoort, posting at his Formspring account earlier today, there will only be one more round of solicitations featuring new Marvel NOW! #1 issues, though, meaning that there's a light at the end of the tunnel--albeit one that's still four months away.

"I believe the very last Now! launches will be released in April," Brevoort said, which is interesting because at present there haven't been any new titles teased past March.


Alright, so there's the Heroes For Hire tease, which was pretty blatant, but not official. There are also some pretty obvious ideas still out there, like giving Ant-Man (with a movie coming up) or Loki (a fan-favorite character between the movies and his run on Journey Into Mystery) their own titles.

Where are the one-word teasers fans have come to expect?