Pacific Rim 2 Is Coming, del Toro Teases Mecha-Kaiju

Pacific Rim Box Office

Director Guillermo del Toro may not have had a moment in the sun on the stage at the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel last weekend at San Diego Comic Con International, but that doesn't mean there aren't plans for a follow-up to his critically-acclaimed kaiju-versus-mech film Pacific Rim. The director announced in an interview that the second movie they've been planning for and hoping for is a go.

And in case you were wondering--Mechagodzilla may have some DNA to lend to a sequel.

"I'll tell you a couple of things," del Toro told MoviePilot. "We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure. Second thing is you're gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special."

He added that because of the nature of Pacific Rim's ending, what we'll see next will reflect a world where the Kaiju have had access to Jaeger technology.

"Just think about it for a second. We sent Gipsy to the other side, right? It exploded, but whatever remains stays there," del Toro said. "The main idea that we're bouncing off is the fact that Newt drifted with a Kaiju brain, and all Kaiju brains are connected. We say that. They are like a hive mentality. So, you know, draw your own conclusions. We've drifted with a Kaiju brain. Well, then start riffing on that and you'll get to something."


The Drift he refers to is the mental connection experienced between two Jaeger pilots in Pacific Rim.

Expect more details on the sequel soon. No word on an exact date yet.