Robert Kirkman Teases Norman Reedus' Character Daryl Dixon In The Walking Dead Comic Books For Real?

Daryl Dixon Walking Dead comic book

On April Fools’ Day, Skybound Publishing pulled a little prank involving altering covers and promotional material for The Walking Dead comic book to make it appear as if Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon was going to appear in the comic book series. The prank caught the attention of Norman Reedus himself, who responded by tweeting the fake cover image along with a “Grrr.”

After Norman’s tweet, Skybound posted an explanation on the official Walking Dead website: “This was not a prank designed to ‘trick’ Norman (hope he’s not TOO mad). It was a playful nod at the fact that the very, VERY loved Daryl Dixon isn’t in the comics at all.”

So this might be where the story ends, except for one thing. Yesterday, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman posted one of the April Fools’ Day images to Instagram, along with the comment “Hmmm?”

Considering it’s not April Fools’ Day anymore, why is Kirkman drawing attention to the prank again? In specific, the part of the image that Kirkman cropped out shows the bottom half of a silhouetted Daryl Dixon, his motorcycle, and the July date tease.

Norman Reedus is currently working on a movie project called Air, which Robert Kirkman is producing. Could the April Fools’ Day joke have led to Kirkman reevaluating putting Daryl Dixon in the comic books? Could the “Hmmm?” be an indication that Kirkman is seriously thinking about it now?