Ron Perlman Talks Trollhunters, Hellboy 3, & Marvel

When it was announced Guilermo Del Toro would be doing an animated series for Netflix, people began to wonder if any of his usual suspects would sign on to the project as well.

As expected, long-time Del Toro actor Ron Perlman joined the project not long after the announcement.

The new series is called Trollhunters, and it centers around a couple of teenage boys who get wrapped up in a war between trolls. After finding a magical amulet in the town of Arcadia, Jim takes on the mantle of Trollhunter, with his friend Toby serving as his sidekick.

Trollhunters will premiere on December 23 on Netflix, and also features the talents of Steven Yuen, Kelsey Grammar, and the late Anton Yelchin.'s insider Brandon Davis had the chance to speak with Perlman, who plays a troll named Bular, at New York Comic Con this past weekend.


He first spoke on his role in Trollhunters, and gave some insight into Del Toro's abilities as a director. Many think of Guilermo as a visionary, and Perlman's words definitely back up that statement.


Next, we got to ask Ron about his chances of playing a Marvel character in the future. Since Perlman portrayed Hellboy, in both live-action and animated films, the comic community has been waiting to see him join another adaptation.

Unfortunately, Perlman didn't seem to be a very big fan of the idea. He told Brandon that he really loved hte projects he had lined up going forward, and wasn't keen on joining a big franchise. However, if the right opportunity came along, he wouldn't turn it down.