Seth Rogen Vs. PokeRock In Pokemon Go

It took James Franco losing his prized Charizard to the untrappable and rather aggressive PokeRock to finally bring out the champion the Pokemon GO community needed.

Unfortunately, they were busy painting a barn or something, so they sent Seth Rogen instead. Rogen set out to understand the Pokemon craze and catch the troublemaking PokeRock, and when he finally encountered him, well, it didn't go according to plan.

PokeRock Seth Rogen

In fact, PokeRock proceeded to taunt him about his throwing skills and made fun of his movie (Sausage Party). "Who do you play? The fat shopper?"PokeRock taunted. After hearing his character was an actual sausage named Frank, PokeRock couldn't help but take another jab.

"You mean you play with your sausage".

Since Rogen was already on the edge, PokeRock kept hitting, and concluded his verbal putdown session with "Seth Rogen is a convicted sex offender!"

PokeRock isn't one for subtlety evidently.

It turns out, not even a masterball can keep PokeRock down, and Franco can kiss that Charizard goodbye. With enough of these, you could seriously start to put together your own cartoon, the first step in PokeRock global domination.


At some point, do you think PokeCena shows up? It's just a matter of time right?

You can watch the whole thing in the video above, and you can see Jason Paige perform the theme song here.