Songs by The Smiths to get Comic Book Treatment

As more and more genres and worlds blend together, as the recent news that Elvis is getting a graphic novel shows us, more projects pop up! The latest one to combine the worlds of music and comic books will feature a collaboration between several comic book artists and writers, with various teams taking on works by the Morrissey-fronted band The Smiths. For those who are unfamiliar, The Smiths were a early 1980s band that formed in England and quickly became known not only for their lyrics and songs that tackled politics, lifestyles and more, but frontman Morrissey's persona and personality as well. Even though the band disbanded several decades ago, they remain very popular and influential.

The collection of stories, titled Unite and Take Over: Comic Stories Inspired by The Smiths, will be unveiled at this year's Tuscon Comic Con on November 5-6th. The man who has spearheaded the series, Shawn Demumbrum, had this to say about his love for the group, "As a teen in the 80s, one of my favourite soundtracks was the Pretty in Pinksoundtrack. While training for cross country, I played the cassette over and over on my Walkman as I ran. There was always something about The Smiths"Please Please Please Let me get What I Want. It tapped into my teenage psyche, a combination of loneliness and yet hopeful optimism, that only Morrissey's vocals seem to capture."

The project will see various songs such as "Girlfriend in a Coma" and "How Soon is Now" turned into creative interpretations between the artist and writer, similar to the way 2008's Comic Book Tattoo took various songs by artist Tori Amos and interpreted them in the vision of the artist and writer.