'Spider-Man 4' Villain Cast?

In what we believe is probably just good ole-fashioned 'link bait', Mania is reporting that the villians (yes, plural) are about to be cast for 'Spider-Man 4.' Calling on 'reliable sources', Mania says that Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers) has met with producers and is the top candidate for The Black Cat. Also, the producers are looking for a 2nd villain, most likely a male. For now, we'll just add this story to the pile of other casting rumors that have surfaced over the past few months. But if Mania is correct, we think McAdams would be a fantastic choice for Black Cat. We, however, ABHORE the idea of another TWO villain film. That was one of the main reasons 'Spider-Man 3' was so bad. We'd think Sam Raimi would have learned his lesson, which makes us think the two villain theory is just rumor. What do you think?