Stan Lee To Be Honored At Savannah Film Festival

Comics icon Stan Lee speaking to reporters at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012.

Pioneering comics writer and editor Stan Lee will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Savannah Film Festival coming up at the end of the month, reports The Associated Press.

Lee, who is credited with co-creating a vast library of Marvel Comics characters, became the public face of the company in the 1960s and has remained just that for many fans in the decades since, even as his relationship with the publisher has sometimes been acrimonious.

Currently, Lee is the chairman and chief creative officer of POW! Entertainment, a California-based multimedia entertainment company. He also works closely with Stan Lee's Comikaze, a series of comic book conventions, and with Stan Lee's World of Heroes, a YouTube channel focusing on geek-themed programming.

He's a conspicuous force in Hollywood as well, making cameo appearances not only in the Marvel Studios films but also in Fox and Sony movies featuring the Marvel characters that he's worked on.


"He will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award on October 30 at 7 p.m.," the festival's Jenn Bins told the Savannah Morning News. The Savannah Film Festival runs from October 27 til November 3.

Lee has been in the headlines quite a bit recently; he missed a few public appearances last month, prompting widespread concern about the aging creator's health. While his people worked to keep fans calm, it wasn't entirely effective. Ultimately, Lee revealed that he had undergone surgery to install a pacemaker, which he joked brought him closer than ever to Iron Man's alter ego Tony Stark.