Star Trek Into Darkness Copies The Dark Knight Rises

Star Trek Into Darkness copies The Dark Knight Rises

As the second biggest movie of the year, it’s no surprise that The Dark Knight Rises might be looked to for inspiration from other movies. But the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness, has many wondering if Hollywood might be all out of original movie poster ideas.

The Star Trek Into Darkness poster shows crumbling buildings forming the familiar Star Trek logo, which looks an awful lot like the first Dark Knight Rises poster, which showed crumbling buildings forming the Batman logo. Even the predominantly black, white, and grey colors match between the two posters.

The only difference for the Star Trek Into Darkness poster is that fire has been added to give the poster a little color and a man is standing in the middle of the logo. Of course, a later version of the same Dark Knight Rises poster added fire to the image and put Batman standing in the middle of the logo.


Str Trek Into Darkness The Dark Knight Rises fire

When The Dark Knight Rises posters were first released, many also accused The Dark Knight Rises of being inspired by the look of Inception, which also used the looking up between buildings design. In that case though, it was at least one Christopher Nolan work copying another Christopher Nolan work.

Star Trek Into Darkness Inception