Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Is Not Khan

Star Trek Into Darkness villain

While Star Trek fans have had fun speculating on exactly which villain Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness, the actor has ruled out at least one possibility. According to Access Hollywood, Cumberbatch assured them that he is not playing Khan. This is the second denial from a cast member that Khan is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, as Simon Pegg (Scotty) also denied Khan was the villain.

Now, actors have been known to fib in order to protect the secrets of their movies before release. One thing that is suspicious is that Cumberbatch is insistent that he is playing a new character named John Harrison.

Cumberbatch said, “I play John Harrison who’s a terrorist and an extraordinary character in his own right. He’s somebody who is not your two-dimensional cookie cutter villain. He’s got an extraordinary purpose, and I hope that at one point or other in the film you might even sympathize with the reasons he’s doing what he’s doing — not necessarily the means and the destruction he causes. But it was a great ride, not just because he’s the bad guy and the antagonist but also because he has a purpose and it’s hard not to see his point of view at certain points.”

Of course, John Harrison is the official name that Paramount released as well, but pretty much no one believes it. John Harrison just sounds like too much of a fake casting name and not a really good villain’s name.

If like us, you’re suspicious of the John Harrison name, then be sure to check out our speculation on why Benedict Cumberbatch could be playing Khan, Gary Mitchell, or someone else.