Star Wars Fans Married at Chinese Theatre Get Special Gift from IMAX

(Photo: IMAX)

Caroline Ritter and Andrew Porters were part of the LiningUp group, who spent nearly two weeks waiting outside the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. The group of dedicated Star Wars fans stayed outside the theater for twelve days (in shifts), but not just to see the movie right when it came out - they did it for charity. Every fan that spent time in the line had their time logged, and received pledges for the Starlight Children's Foundation. Think of it as pledges for a marathon, but instead of running 26.2 miles, you stand/sit outside for 12 days talking about Star Wars.

My kind of marathon.

But Ritter and Porters had another goal to reach after their 12 days, and got married outside the theater in a special ceremony attended by Jedi, wookiees, stormtroopers, and even R2-D2 (with requisite bowtie. He's a classy droid).

After their nuptials, they got a couple of big surprises from IMAX, too. The first was a $5,000 donation to the Starlight Children's Foundation in their names, greatly increasing their giving power. The second, a $5,000 check to them for their honeymoon. You think they'll take a Star Wars related trip?

May the Force be with you, Caroline and Andrew. Congratulations.