The Dark Knight Rises: Deleted Scenes Called Into Question

The Dark Knight Rises Joseph Gordon Levitt

There have been lots of rumors when it comes to The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-Ray. At one time, there was a story going around that an extended director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises would be released on Blu-Ray, but Christopher Nolan’s reps eventually denied that would be happening.

Even thought there won’t be an extended director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises, fans have still been holding out hope that there might be some deleted scenes included as an extra like with The Avengers Blu-Ray. In an interview with GQ, a costume designer for The Dark Knight Rises revealed that a scene featuring Bane’s origin had been cut, but that is so far the only one we’ve heard about.

In an interview with, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises was asked, “There’s been a lot of rumors that there’s like 30 minutes or 40 minutes of deleted scenes of Dark Knight Rises. Do you think that’s actually true?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt said, “No, I wouldn’t say that’s probably true. I mean every movie has a longer cut, and then they edit it down. But I think deleted scenes implies that there’s like whole chunks of stuff missing. It’s not that. It’s just that in the editing process things tighten up.”

While Gordon-Levitt’s answer doesn’t rule out the possibility that we might see some deleted scenes on the DVD or Blu-Ray release of The Dark Knight Rises, it certainly sounds like there won’t be many if there are any. With The Dark Knight Rises weighing in at 165 minutes, it’s definitely not surprising that there probably weren’t a lot of scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor.