The Dark Knight Rises Recap: Rumors, Controversies & Spoilers

The Dark Knight Rises Poster Bane

What a week it’s been. There’s been Dark Knight Rises, more Dark Knight Rises, and yet more Dark Knight Rises. With the release of the prologue and the second trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, we’ve had quite a few articles, as has every other site on the Internet. The new trailer and the prologue have been dissected and analyzed from every angle possible by everyone possible.

But just in case your missed them, here’s a recap of all our Dark Knight Rises articles from the week. We’ve got everything from incomprehensible Bane to hidden Robin logos to Occupy Gotham.

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue: An Incomprehensible Bane On A Plane - What was the first big story about The Dark Knight Rises prologue? Well, many in the media that got an early viewing on the prologue complained that they couldn’t understand Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises Poster: Hidden Images And Messages – We analyzed The Dark Knight Rises poster for hidden messages and couldn’t find any, but it turns out we were looking the wrong place.

10 Crazy Dark Knight Rises Rumors – What are the craziest rumors circulating about the Dark Knight Rises? We examine rumors about everyone appearing from Adam West to The Riddler to Stan Lee.

Face Of Superman Appears In The Dark Knight Rises Image – First, we saw Superman’s logo in the first Dark Knight Rises poster. Then, we saw Superman’s face in an image on The Dark Knight Rises website. Is Christopher Nolan teasing a Superman appearance?

Are The Dark Knight Rises Audio Problems Overblown? – We finally got to see The Dark Knight Rises prologue at the theater, and we could understand Bane just find for the most part.

Tom Cruise Owes Batman A Favor – Everyone’s talking about going to see The Dark Knight Rises trailer in front of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. We think Tom Cruise owes Batman a favor.

Is The Dark Knight Rises A Tale Of The Occupy Movement? – After seeing the second Dark Knight Rises trailer, we speculated that something similar to the occupy movement could be one of the plot elements of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises: Ten Awesome Quotes – We complied a list of our favorite quotes from The Dark Knight Rises so far.

Occupy Gotham: Batman Is The 1% - As more people saw the second trailer, they began to point out the same thing that we did about the connection to the occupy movement. Occupy Gotham became a hot subject on Twitter.

The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers (?): What Bane Was Built To Do – Anonymous sources surface to reveal that The Dark Knight Rises will take a well-known scene from the Batman comics.

Dark Knight Rises Trailer Goes Online, Features Robin Logo – First Nolan teased us with Superman, now he teases us with Robin. The Robin logo shows up in a crowed scene form The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Presents John Blake And Miranda Tate – Two of the most talked about characters in the trailer might not be even in the movie. We examine speculation concerning if John Blake and Miranda Tate are really Robin and Talia Al Ghul.


Why No Dark Knight Rises Prequel Comic Books? – Marvel Comics is doing prequel comics for the Avengers movie, but DC Comics has yet to announce any prequel comics for The Dark Knight Rises. Are they missing a golden opportunity to bring in new readers? Or have they just not announced their Dark Knight Rises comics yet?

Is Batman A Wuss In The Dark Knight Rises? – Backing away from Bane, being called out by Catwoman as being in the 1%, and limping around on a walking cane. We took a non-serious look at how Bruce Wayne/Batman is being portrayed in the first two Dark Knight Rises trailer.