The Dark Knight Rises: Warners Releases Closer Look at Catwoman

Comic Book Movie

has a first look at a high-resolution shot of Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, in full Catwoman reglia, and it looks pretty good.

Aside from showing off everything Hathaway has to work with, it gives a few insights as to how the costume looks and acts onscreen that fans hadn't seen previously.

First of all, it does seem to confirm earlier impressions that the goggles we've seen Catwoman wear on occasion are, when not in use, probably the thing that gives her the "Catwoman" nickname, as they point up on the crown of her head like a pair of cat ears.

While it's been said before that the costume is largely inspired by the recent, popular reinvention of the catsuit that was used during Darwyn Cooke's run on Catwoman, the thigh-high boots and elbow-length gloves certainly give a very '90s, Jim Balent feel to the whole ensemble. That's probably not an entirely bad thing--not only was Balent's Catwoman a very hot commodity for a while during a pretty good time, sales-wise, for the comics industry but it was also the iteration of the Catwoman costume that existed when Bane was introduced.

We also see something that some fans may bristle at; while Bleeding Cool identifies the texturing on her uniform as somewhat like Thor--an armor designed to spread impact around--in their more in-depth look at the image, we see shades of The Amazing Spider-Man's notoriously basketball-like vinyl costume. It looks better and appears to work better on Hathaway, but her costume is black so it's harder to judge...and we're male, so very few things don't look good on Anne Hathaway.