The Walking Dead: Five Favorite Merle Quotes

The Walking Dead Merle Smiles

The “Walk With Me” episode of The Walking Dead presented the triumphant return of Merle Dixon, who is played by Michael Rooker. As fans likely expected, many of the best lines of the episode were delivered by Merle. Here are our five favorite Merle Dixon quotes from his return episode.

5. “There she sits, four walls around her, roof over her head, medicine in her veins. She wants to know what I want from her. I plucked you and your mute here out of the dirt, Blondie, saved your asses. How about a thank you?” – Merle’s reply to Andrea after she asks what he wants from them. Poor Merle, all he wants is a little appreciation for all his hard work as a Good Samaritan.

4. “Oh, who ain’t had a gun on them in the past year, huh? Show of hands y’all? Anybody? Shupert? Rolley? Y’all had a gun on y’all. Hell, I think I would piss my pants if some stranger came walking up with his mitts in his pockets. That’d be the son of a bitch you would really want to be scared of.” – Michonne seems put out that Merle pulled a gun on her and Andrea, but Merle actually makes a pretty good point. Pulling a gun on someone is a pretty common greeting in a zombie apocalypse.

3. “Bet you were wondering if I was real, probably hoping I wasn’t. Well, here I am. I guess this old world gets a little smaller toward the end, huh? Ain’t so many of us left to share the air, right? You know, when they found me, I was near bled out, starving, thinking to myself a bullet might make a last good meal.” – Merle’s greeting to Andrea when she wakes up inside a room in Woodbury. Poor Merle, almost had to make a bullet sandwich.


2. “Easy does it girl, mine’s a whole lot bigger than yours.” – As Merle comes up behind Michonne and Andrea, Michonne instinctively reaches for her katana. However, Merle warns her off by letting her know who has the bigger weapon.

1. “How’s about a big hug for your old pal Merle?” –Judging from the way Andrea faints after Merle delivers this line, odds are Merle isn’t going to be getting that hug anytime soon. All Merle wants is to be loved.