The Walking Dead Producer To Adapt Alien Hunter

Gale Anne HurdThe Walking Dead

executive producer Gale Anne Hurd is set to produce an adaptation of Alien Hunter at Syfy, The Hollywood Reporter revealed today.

Titled simply Hunters, the made-for-TV film is based on Whitley Strieber's best-selling novel and follows a man who finds evidence that alien cells are living among us.

Heroes and V veteran Natalie Chaidez will pen the script and executive produce alongside Hurd.

"It's based on Whitley Strieber, who's most well-known for Communion. He's a person incredibly well spoken, incredibly bright and incredibly knowledgeable. He had an encounter, and it changed his life -- in good ways and in not so good ways," Hurd told THR. "It's a work of fiction. Many of the books he has written have been nonfiction, and this is fiction. It's based on his book Alien Hunter, and it's about a police officer whose wife goes missing. And in his search to find out the truth of her abduction, he finds something much more dangerous that could potentially affect the fate of the planet."