Thor: The Dark World Box Office Opening Night Is $7.1 Million

Thor The Dark World Box Office

Thor: The Dark World opened in theaters in the United States on Thursday, November 7, 2013 with screenings starting as early as 8 PM. According to early box office estimates, Thor: The Dark World took in $7.1 million during its opening night.

Before releasing Thor: The Dark World in the United States, Marvel Studios actually debuted the film first in several other countries first, including the UK. Thor: The Dark World has made $152.8 million overseas before its U.S. debut. Thor: The Dark World debuted in 3,841 North American theaters on Thursday, including more than 3,100 3D theater. The film will also be shown in roughly 305 Imax locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The first Thor movie had a $3.2 million opening night and a $65.7 million opening weekend in the U.S. The first Thor went on to gross $181 million domestically and $449 million worldwide.