Todd McFarlane Says R-Rated Spawn Movie Is Happening, Teases Script

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Creator Todd McFarlane has talked about doing a new Spawn film for quite some time now, but it seems it finally might be happening.

In a live Facebook video, McFarlane gave a genuine update on the script for the R rated film, which is currently sitting at about 132 pages. The good news is that it is actually over what most studios require, which is 120 pages (each page equaling a minute of film time). After he gets it down to a size he approves of, it will go through a few rounds of edits, and one more draft. After that, it will be time to actually attach some talent.

Yes... The Spawn Movie Is Happening.

LIVE update on my Spawn movie script....

Posted by Todd McFarlane on Monday, March 14, 2016

While it isn't the 'it is in production!" announcement that some would like to hear, at least the film is truly moving towards that goal, instead of remaining in the pipe dream status that it has had over the last several years. You can view the entire clip above.


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