Tom Hiddleston Suggests Loki Movie Set In The Seventies

Loki Marvel Studios Panel

While doing press for Thor: The Dark World, reporters have asked Tom Hiddleston about the possibility of a Loki movie about a million times. When Fandago posed the often-asked question, Hiddleston gave his most interesting reply yet.

“It’s up to Kevin Feige. He runs Marvel Studios,” said Hiddleston. “And of course, there are many iterations of the character. Many situations that I would love to see him in. I would love to see him somewhere like on his own on earth in the seventies, running a night club. You know, playing guitar with Jimi Hendrix or something. You know, there is a sort of rock star element to him.”

Hiddleston added, “I must also say he is defined in opposition to Thor, so I don’t quite know how it would be to be Loki in a film without Chris Hemsworth.”