Top 9 Cartoons They Should Bring Back to Television

With former cartoons (and comic books) Transformers and G.I. Joe hitting the big silver screen [...]

With former cartoons (and comic books) Transformers and G.I. Joe hitting the big silver screen this summer, we thought we'd look at some old cartoons that deserve another shot on television.

Super President

While not well known, Super President centered on a U.S. President that had acquired super strength and shape shifting abilities through a cosmic storm. The story has all of the typical superhero elements--secret identity, hidden cave below the White House, and a fleet of specially powered vehicles. With the popularity of Barack Obama, this thing could take off in the ratings.

Cool McCool

If anything, this show should get another shot just because it was created by Batman creator Bob Kane. Cool McCool was a parody of the James Bond films (he even had a boss named 'Number One'), only unlike Bond, he was pretty much an idiot. Yet, in the end, he would save the day. Cool had a number of gadgets (think an earlier Inspector Gadget) and he was fond of using catchphrases.

Dungeons & Dragons

Whether you liked or played the board game, if you were around when Dungeons & Dragons aired on TV, you most likely watched it. Why? Because it was interesting and fun. A bunch of kids and a unicorn (okay, the unicorn was stupid) battling evil. What kid wouldn't want to watcht that? Punt the horned horse for something a little more badass and you're off.


This show still runs on Boomerang and it never seems to get old. So why not make some new episodes? The question is, should the producers roll the same characters from the original or build up a new cast with current/popular characters? This thing would KILL IT if they remade it.


What's not to love about an insane superhero with the attention span of a goldfish? Hilarity ensued non-stop throughout this show. This time, let's give it a reboot. Let's go back to the original premise--a straight-foward superhero show--but add humor. While this show has a cult following, it probably needs a little less 'Animaniacs' type comedy for it to really take hold for a long period of time.

Harlem Globetrotters

The real Globetrotters exist to this day, so it isn't as if the brand is unfamiliar to people. Put the animated version back on, partner with the NBA, and have superstar guests each episode (Lebron James, for example).

Heckle and Jeckle

The premise of this show--two annoying, up-to-no-good, identical magpies that annoy the crap out of everyone and best their enemies--would still work today. Ramp up the sarcasm and the humor and you have a show that appeals to both kids and adults.


With the upcoming Archie #600 issue where he proposes to Veronica and not Betty, people have remembered how much they loved the teenage redhead. Two girls battling over a guy. Happens all the time, so it could work. Rework it into 'Saved By the Bell' meets 'Hanna Montana' and kids will be talking about this show 20 years from now.

Captain Caveman

Three hot chicks find a frozen caveman, thaw him out, then go on adventures together? Sign us up! Throw in the fact that Captain Caveman can pull just about anything he needs from inside his furry coat, and you have a winner. If we had the millions to acquire the rights to any cartoon, this would be it. What do you think? What old cartoons would you like to see remade?