Watch Robert Downey Jr. & Chris Evans Reveal Captain America: Civil Poster and Trailer

(Photo: ABC)

Last night during Jimmy Kimmel Live, actors Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans, who play Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, went to the show with the promise of a special surprise.

Of course, they did it with a slow burn. While you've probably seen the trailer itself a good twenty or thirty times by now, you may have missed their presentation of it all.

First, they talked about their next film together, Captain America: Civil War, which pits the two heroes, plus their own teams of Avengers, against each other. Then, it came to Downey, first.

"I'm very surprised, but I've been authorized to give you, the audience," he said with some hesitation for effect, "the official one sheet poster for Captain America: Civil War."

You could actually feel, over TV, the air leaving the room. And that's when Cap stepped in to save the day.


"Now that's nice; I came with a surprise too. I think if I give my surprise, I've gotta be in seat A," Evans joked, switching seats. "I brought the teaser! Can we show it?"

With that, the trailer ran, and the world collectively lost their minds over Black Panther.