Who Says Help On The Walking Dead?


Spoilers follow for tonight's Always Accountable (6x06) episode of The Walking Dead.

At the very end of tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl received a radio transmission calling out for, "Help."

Glenn, is that you?

It didn't exactly sound like Glenn, even after listening multiple times, but Glenn is certainly the front runner for the answer to, "Who asked for help?" Don't forget, Glenn has a radio from their original plan in the first episode of this season, which he used to call Rick in 6x03, Thank You, before being cornered by zombies. If Glenn really is alive like the majority suspects, it was probably him.

But who else could it have been?

There's the possibility of it being Rick who responded. We don't know how much time has passed since the end of 6x05, Now, and 6x06, Always Accountable. If zombies pushed through the walls, Rick could've been hesitantly calling for help on the radio while trying not to make too loud of a noise as to attract nearby walkers.

What about the guy who stole Daryl's bike? He was pretty sought after by whatever new group we met in Always Accountable. Yeah, he stole Daryl's bike but if he's desperate for help, it wouldn't be surprising if he requested Daryl's help - again.

It could've also been someone new. Perhaps Paul "Jesus" Monroe or a member of his community. Or it could've been a troubled member of the group which was hunting Daryl. The possibilities for new characters to be the one calling for help are endless but if it was, in fact, a new character Daryl had never met, would he really go risk his life for them?

Maybe Enid ran into some trouble outside of the wall but in running into trouble, she would've had to find a walkie-talkie.


My bet: soon-to-be-daddy, Glenn.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.