Youtuber Creates The First Pokemon GO Helmet

Are you tired of playing Pokemon GO the boring, old-fashioned way? Looking for new ways to spice up your Pokemon journey? Well, look no further! Youtuber Simone Giertz has put her enthusiasm for robotics to very good use and created the world's first Pokemon GO helmet for people like yourself.

No, seriously. She really did.

Simone uploaded a video to her Youtube channel that showcases the hilariously cumbersome helmet when she tries it on for fans. The video's description explains the reasoning behind Simone's creation as it reads, "I made a helmet with a smartphone case so that you can walk with your phone in front of your face without any hassle and play Pokémon Go. Who needs interacting with people anyway."

In the video, Simone can be found displaying the helmet full-force. Pitching the creation as if she were a desperated used car salesman, Simone tells viewers, "Pokemon GO isn't just a game; It's a lifestyle. Introducing the world's first Pokemon GO helmet." As for her selling points, Simone goes straight for the jugular, stressing the helmet is safe, convenient, and stuffed with sex appeal. You, however, can be the judge of whether she's right about those points or not.

Simone then goes on to highlight the helmet's various features. For example, wearing the headgear will let trainers catch 'em all with their face or even tongue. The helmet also frees up players' hands, allowing them to be used for things like "getting an education, giving people the finger, punching people, scratching parts of your body you don't want other people to see that you're scratching."


The creator promises that using the helmet will give you "more degrees of freedom than America. You won't know what to do with all the freedom you have with this helmet." So, clearly, the Swedish Youtuber is up-to-date on all things Pokemon and American patriotism.

However, if you're actually interested in buying the piece, then you're about to be sorely disappointed. Simone ends the video by telling viewers the helmet isn't for sale and that she has "no plan[s] to sell this s**t because this helmet makes me feel stupid."