The Walking Dead Season 6 Will Use Digital Augmentation To Make Walkers More Decrepit

With each new season The Walking Dead has been refining the look of the Walkers, but now they the show is heading into its sixth season notice more wear and tear than in previous seasons.

"We're doing a few things we haven't done before, which is digital augmentation of couple of walkers," Greg Nicotero, the show's special effects guru/producer, told The Hollywood Reporter. "We're moving noses and putting a cavity there. Taking the area underneath the ribcage and shrinking it down. Kind of Bernie Wrightson style. That stuff is what makes it more exciting because it gives us more opportunities."

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple only wants to push the Walkers decay so far, as he has no interest in seeing them go full-skeleton, like the stop-motion skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts (1963). Gotta be some meat on them bones!

"Every season we sort of refine [the walkers]," Nicotero explained. "We refine the teeth even more and we just keep changing it up, and every season it's been different and we just keep pushing it a little bit more. It's been really fun. We sculpted full muscle arms and then we added sagging flesh off of them as everything is about to drip off. [Showrunner] Scott [M. Gimple] has one very specific thing that he is conscious of, which is that it can't be a Ray Harryhausen. It can't be a walking skeleton. It always has to be muscles. It always has to be something that is motivating the movement."


The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on Sunday, October 11 at 9PM EST on AMC.