The Walking Dead: The One-Eyed Dog's Heroic True Story


Why do people tune into Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick's The Walking Dead aftershow commentary program on AMC, if not for touching stories about family pets? Wait, what? On tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, Dooley the one-eyed dog popped up on the porch at the caretaker's house where Daryl and Beth were eating--not once, but twice. Well, we assume twice. The second time it could be that the dog was really nowhere around, since Daryl got swarmed by walkers as soon as he opened the door. In any event, Dooley's story, which aired on Talking Dead as part of their trivia segment, was just the kind of soft-hearted animal story you'd see on your local evening news. For those who can't read that shabby resolution image above, it explains that "The one-eyed dog that set off Daryl's noise traps had the perfect look for an apocalypse survivor," adding, "In reality, Dooley lost his eye saving his owner from a carjacker." With a little luck, that carjacker watches The Walking Dead and feels really crappy now.