The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes Confesses On Christian TV Show

The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale Rick

Sometimes even fictional characters need to get some things off their chest. In a recent segment on a Christian TV show, the host read a letter from a supposed viewer named Rick Grimes. Rick Grimes wrote, "The Bible has helped me a lot when managing my anger. Those outbreaks seem sometimes unreal, but it often happens when somebody is menacing my son Carl. I am able to do things I was not even aware of I could. I am remembering the time I had an argument with Tyreese. I often pray to Jesus as soon as that happens. God bless all of you." Obviously, the Christian TV host isn't a viewer of The Walking Dead, because he seems to take the letter quite seriously. The host explains, "Rick's coping technique is he's aware of the process of what's happening, but he doesn't have the strength, so he says, 'Jesus, you better give me the strength, because I'm just ready, somebody's menacing my son, I'm ready to know his head off. God, it's not right, help me."