WWE Might Be Turning A Popular Superstar Heel Soon

You might have been puzzled that WWE gave the RAW Women's Championship belt to Charlotte Flair at [...]

You might have been puzzled that WWE gave the RAW Women's Championship belt to Charlotte Flair at Hell in a Cell, but this past Monday the Boss demanded her rematch, which will likely happen soon. Depending on how long that process takes, she could very well be a difference character when the time does finally come to retake the belt.

The Boss has been both face and heel during her time with NXT and then the WWE, but so far on the main roster, she's truly taken off as a face. The rumor according to CageSideSeats is that WWE is looking at turning her heel in the coming months, but she will likely finish out her current feud before they pull the trigger on that. It would be surprising to see them do another turn so soon, though, as when she made her jump to the main roster she did so as a heel. She was shortly part of the Team BAD faction (because WWE loves factions) along with Tamina and Naomi, and they squared off against PCB (Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch) and Team Bella (Brie, Nikki, and Alicia Fox).

If that sounds bad, well you're right, because it was. That said, Banks was one of the lone shining spots in that ridiculous storyline, so much so that often during matches the audience would chant "We Want Sasha" when the other teams were facing off, and remember she was a heel at the time.

Banks is more popular than ever as a current face, but it might be more about dancing partners than anything. Banks will likely have a feud with Nia Jax before she turns heel, but if she doesn't turn after that, there isn't much else for her to do on RAW. She's already faced Dana Brooke and Charlotte, and after Nia everybody else is a face. The next logical opponent is Bayley, but they won't turn her heel anytime soon so that leaves Sasha.

Of course, this is a rumor, so this could all be thrown out the window when Emmalina arrives or a Smackdown RAW trade takes place, but as it stands fans could see Banks make a major character change sooner rather than later.

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