Mighty Morphin's Karan Ashley Announced For 'Power Rangers Hyperforce'

Power Rangers Hyperforce is getting some Mighty Morphin reinforcements for its all-new episode on [...]

Power Rangers Hyperforce is getting some Mighty Morphin reinforcements for its all-new episode on Tuesday night.

Hyperforce is set int he Time Force universe, but the cadets from the Time Force academy have found themselves in the year 1994. Many will know that as the time of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and on Tuesday the crew will welcome the Yellow Ranger herself Karan Ashley, and the help couldn't come at a better time.

"Surprise! Joining us next week on #HyperForce is none other than Yellow Ranger, @karanashley With her help, can they stop Scorpina? Tuesday 6 pm PT https://twitch.tv/hyperrpg ."

Ashley played the role of Aisha Campbell during the second half of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, taking the role of the Yellow Ranger after the previous actor Thuy Trang left the show. Ashley also starred in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, and will soon be reuniting with several former Rangers in the new project The Order.

It isn't known yet if she will actually be a Ranger yet in this appearance, as the other Rangers are off planet at the moment. If this is early on, then Ashley wouldn't be a Ranger yet, but hopefully, fans will get to see her morph by episode's end. Ashley follows Power Rangers Time Force actress Erin Cahill, who reprised her role as Jen Scott in Hyperforce's premiere episode.

For those who don't know, Power Rangers Hyperforce is set in the year 3016, where a group of Time Force Academy students must team up to defeat an ancient evil who is unraveling the fabric of the universe. In other words, not a nice person. The Rangers will attempt to stop it under the leadership of their mentor Jen Scott.

You can tune into the Hyperforce Tuesday nights on Hyper RPG's Twitch channel, and make sure to follow @MattMuellerCB for full coverage of Hyperforce and all things Power Rangers.

Power Rangers HyperforceTuesday at 9:00 PM EST on TwitchTV

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