Power Rangers Makes Major Lord Zedd Revelation

Power Rangers writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora teased previously that Mighty Morphin #10 [...]

Power Rangers writer Ryan Parrott and artist Dan Mora teased previously that Mighty Morphin #10 would be a huge deal, and it turns out they were right on the money. We've known that things have been building since the Eltarians became such a major part of the storyline, and now the reasons why become clear, as the big reveal in Mighty Morphin #10 will change how you see one of the franchise's biggest villains, Lord Zedd. The villain is iconic, but Mighty Morphin #10 makes a major Zedd revelation that will have people talking, and big spoilers are incoming so if you don't want to know just yet you can check out our spoiler-free review right here.

Mighty Morphin #10 reveals a mysterious assassin in red and silver armor, and while their face is masked, you can see the skin around it and other pieces of armor looks completely red, suggesting that there's a connection to Lord Zedd. Before they can grab the Zeo crystal that lies within the Bandorian Palace they are interrupted by Zophram and Zordon, and this is when they reveal they were sent by Dark Specter.

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Zophram ends up defeating them, but during the battle, Zordon is gravely wounded, so he is taken back to Eltar for medical care. Before Zordon passes out he says Zophram must use the crystal before Dark Specter does, though the Elders have other plans. They have agreed to move the Zeo Crystal from the moon, but not to Eltar as Zophram believes to be the right move. He doesn't understand why you wouldn't move it to the most protected place in the galaxy, but they have some counterpoints, saying it could destroy the planet if it was in the wrong hands for some reason.

Zophram also doesn't understand why they don't use the Crystal, which has the power to destroy their enemies with a thought. They say they are not conquerors but protectors, and act in virtue and for the preservation of all life. Zophram says they "hide behind platitudes" and that his friend downstairs is dying. They say Zordon knew the risks, and Zophram storms out of their chamber.

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We then see him on the moon with Zartus, and when they run into the caretakers, one of them shows him his arm, which is devoid of skin and is all red flesh. Zophram disregards the message and walks through.

He then touches the crystal and in a massive blast, his skin is seared off his body, exposing the muscle underneath. We then see Zartus take him back to the ship, telling Zophram that it seems someone booby-trapped it and tried to kill him. Those who have been reading know that it was Zartus who had the caretakers put a spell on the Crystal though, but it remains to be seen if it will come to light down the line.

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We then see Zophram back in the ship, and he's hooked up to numerous tubes, and there's a mask over his face also hooked up to tubes. As you can clearly see, Zophram has transformed into what we now know is Lord Zedd, though his transformation isn't complete just yet.

We can't wait to see what's next, and you can find the spoiler images above.

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