This Marvel Power Rangers Spider Rangers Shirt Is Spectacular

If you happen to love the Power Rangers and Spider-Man in equal measure, this new shirt is [...]

If you happen to love the Power Rangers and Spider-Man in equal measure, this new shirt is Christmas in October.

Meet the Marvel Power Rangers mashup "Spider Rangers", which takes the spotlight on a new shirt from RIPT apparel. The new shirt features the characters of the Spider-Verse in full Power Rangers glory, but all of them receive some custom tweaking.

The group includes Peter Parker Spider-Man as the Red Ranger, with a webbing print under the traditional diamond designs. He also forgoes the classic Power Rangers helmet, but no one is going to argue with going with his trademark mask.

Next up is Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman, who takes the role of the Yellow Ranger. Spider-Woman's red costume already has yellow accents (including on her mask), so this was really a perfect fit, and the red is worked into the shoulders as well.

(Photo: RIPT)

After that, it's time for the Blue Ranger, held by Spider-Man 2099's Miguel O'Hara. O'Hara's suit is perfect for the Blue Ranger, as his suit was also mostly blue with a few red accents. Those go incredibly well with the white diamond Ranger designs, and this is one of the best looking combinations overall.

After that is his biggest competition for that title, the Spider-Gwen Pink Ranger. Gwen Stacy's costume goes with Kimberly's pretty much perfectly and having Spider-Gwen's hood with pink and white webbing pretty much seals the deal.

That said, the final Ranger isn't too shabby either. Miles Morales' black and red Spider-Man costume morphs (see what we did there?) stylishly with the Black Ranger suit, and you can even see red webbing underneath the diamond pattern.

All five "Amazing Wall-Crawlin Spider-Rangers" stand in front the Megazord, which is all etched in red and black.

Overall it's a fantastic design, and any Marvel or Power Rangers fan would love to own it. Unfortunately, it is only up for sale for another 8 hours and 15 minutes, so you'll want to order it soon.

You can order the shirt from RIPT's official website.