Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Variants Selling For Big Bucks On Aftermarket

Power Rangers Shattered Grid continues to sell at a rapid pace, and the aftermarket on previous [...]

Power Rangers Shattered Grid continues to sell at a rapid pace, and the aftermarket on previous issues and variants is starting to skyrocket.

The first few issues of the event have sold out, including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25, #26, and Go Go Power Rangers #8, and even the 2018 Annual and FCBD issue have become hard to find. The variants are going for even higher amounts, with a few commanding some pretty high prices.

Even issues like the Shattered Grid prelude (Power Rangers #24) are going for anywhere from $20 to $30 for near mint copies. If you want a near mint copy of the Comicspro Exclusive Drakkon Variant though, expect to pay around $99.95.

As for issue #25, the good news is you can find polybagged copies of the issue for around $15 to $20, but that means, of course, you don't know which cover you'll get. You can typically find the Goni Montes Ranger Helmet Variants for around $20 each, but those aren't the only variants on the market.

Far from it actually, and they can vary in price. For instance, take the Power Rangers #25 Fried Pie Variant, which features the Time Force team. That Variant runs around $29.99 on average, while the Power Rangers #25 Wraparound Cover Variant goes for around $13 to $25. The David Finch Variant on the other hand...well, is a bit all over the place.

Three of the more coveted Variants demand top dollar, and all three have Drakkon on the front. The first is the Goni Montes 1 per store variant that features Drakkon holding his Green Chaos Crystal. That book goes for anywhere from $68 to $100, while the 1:25 Lord Drakkon Chase Variant is currently hitting anywhere from $67 to $109. If you want the limited (and signed) Jason David Frank Drakkon Variant, expect to pay north of $199.99.

As for the Power Rangers 2018 Annual, copies of the 1:25 Matt Taylor Variant can be obtained for around $20 to $30, while the 1/10 Dan Mora Variant goes for around $20. The 1:25 George Caltsoudas Variant goes for $14.

Go Go Power Rangers #8 served as a Shattered Grid prelude as well, and it goes for around $15, featuring the debut of the Ranger Slayer. The HyperForce variant to that issue is incredibly hard to find, though you can grab a signed version of it for around $100.

Crazily enough the Shattered Grid Free Comic Book Day issue is always going for around $5 online, though now you can get the issue completely free on ComiXology right here. If you want a cool looking Megazord Variant to Power Rangers #25 you can also check out this eBay exclusive.

So, the bottom line is if you see a slick looking Variant out in the wild that you want, you probably want to go ahead and grab it rather than pay higher prices later online.

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