'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Episode 1 Recap - Echoes of Evil

The big day is finally here, as Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel just kicked off the season in [...]

The big day is finally here, as Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel just kicked off the season in style, and now you can get all the details on the big premiere here.

Spoilers incoming for Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, so if you would rather watch it for yourself first you've been warned.

Alright, so the episode kicks off with a recap of last season, showing that Madame Odius survived. It also launches with Sledge surfacing from a wormhole, looking for the Energems and running into Galvanax's ship. They find that it has Ninja Steel, and so they board it. As they search they find the remnants of the Galaxy Warriors set, and Sledge is happy to sell it for scrap. They are then confronted by Madame Odius and Cosmo Royale, segueing into the opening title.

They make a deal. Sledge will fix the ship for Odius if she'll give him the asteroid that crashed into her ship. Odius accepts, but a prisoner Badonna pledges her loyalty to Odius if she will free her. "When you are prisoner you overhear things," Badonna says, telling Odius that Sledge wants the asteroid for its Ninja Super Steel. The deal goes through, but not before Badonna extracts the Ninja Super Steel from the asteroid, giving it to Odius.

The scene then flashes back to the Rangers, with Brody's dad alive and well. The Rangers watch a video from Victor and Monty, who are claiming to have miracle monster repellent that keeps the monsters away in the Power Rangers absence. It is a scam of course, and the two are now rich from their repellent. They donate 1 million dollars to the school to build a new wing, a wing they named after themselves.

A flashback reveals that Cosmo Royale discovered them on the ship, with the two only escaping because Monty kept farting everywhere.

Brody gets a message from Redbot, requesting the Rangers at HQ. He detects someone is teleporting to their coordinates, and it turns out to be Mick. He just returned from his home planet and tells the Rangers that Galaxy Warriors is back on the air. They figure out that Odius wants the Ninja Nexus Prism, but she doesn't know it's broken. They decide to use it as bait to lure Odius into a trap and thus get their Ninja Coms back.

They stage a stealth operation, and their plan works, drawing Odius, Badonna, and Smellephant, a new monster, into the open. They discover the Prism is in the Victor statue, and after an unsuccessful repellant attack by some civilians (the repellent is actually Monty's harnessed farts), the Rangers try and capture them with a cage.

Odius takes the cage though and captures the Rangers instead, discovering the Prism in the statue. She deduces that the Prism is dead, and therefore the Rangers don't have their powers. Her plan then is to repair the Prism, infusing it with dark magic and using her newly acquired Super Ninja Steel to make evil Power Stars.

Preston uses his magic to get out of the cage, ambushing Odius and the knocking the Super Steel out of her hands. Preston sends the Super Steel away to Mick. Odius still has one piece of Super Steel in the Prism, and the Rangers attempt to take down Smellephant. Brody attacks Odius before she can finish though, breaking the spell.

The Super Steel in the Prism forges new Power Stars and sends them to the Rangers, as well as their element stars, the Lion Fire Zord Star, and the Fire Armor Star. The Rangers finally get to morph and take on Smellephant, with Brody using the Lion Fire Armor Star. The other rangers use the Ninja Blaster, while the Gold Ranger uses the Ninja Star Morph and the Red Ranger uses the Lion Fire Slash.

Smellephant is then gigantified, paving the way for the return of the Lion Fire Megazord. It successfully freezes Smellephant by reflecting his ice beam. A Lion Fire Slash takes out the monster once and for all.

Odius is upset about her failure but swears to take the Rangers down.

Back at HQ Mick and the team returns the Prism to its rightful place, and Mick decides if he wants to return to the Lion Galaxy. He decides to stay though, as it just wouldn't be right to leave the team when it needs him.

Victor and Monty are mobbed by annoyed customers who want a refund for their miracle repellent. They are now broke and want to come back to school. Monty's repellent leaks, and clears out the school.