Star Wars Fans Launch Petition For The Old Republic Netflix Series

Since The Force Awakens hit theaters last December, the world has once again become obsessed with the popular sci-fi franchise.

With Disney backing the Star Wars universe, the possibility has risen for an endless amount of content. In addition to the next two chapters in the Star Wars saga, audiences will be seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and the origin story of Han Solo.

We're about to get hit with more Star Wars than ever before, but it doesn't seem to be enough for the hardcore fans. Sure, they're happy to have more films in the franchise, but they are dying to see the events that led up to Anakin's story told on-screen.

The Knights Of The Old Republic is one of the most popular storylines in the history of Star Wars lore, and a petition has begun asking Netflix to turn this tale into an original series.

The Old Republic stories take place about 3000 years before the events of A New Hope, and they set the stage for the world of Star Wars that we know and love. Throughout this story, Darth Revan falls, there is a civil war between the Jedi, and the repuatation of the warriors starts down a deep decline.

Basically, The Old Republic sets up everything you've ever known about Star Wars.

(Photo: Jasmine St-Phillipe)

These stories are no longer present in the current Star Wars canon, but they have exixted for years within the video games and comics. While it isn't considered canon now, the inclusion of a series at this point would guarantee these stories matter in the current Star Wars landscape.

At the time of writing this article, the petition had reached over 26,000 signatures. It's goal to approach Netlflix is 35,000.

Do you think The Old Republic should be a Netflix original series? Head over to and sign the petition!