Mark Hamill Can't Stop Trolling Fans About 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Of all the stars of the upcoming The Last Jedi, few are as active on social media as Mark Hamill, especially when it comes to taunting fans. The star recently shared a photo of a novel from 2013 that shares the name "The Last Jedi" and claimed it was an accidental early release of the upcoming sequel's novelization.

The book may have been published after Disney purchased Lucasfilm, but seeing as it was written before the purchase, the book is considered an entry into the Star Wars Legends realm, ruling out its canonicity.

Earlier this week, Hamill also teased fans with a screenshot from The Empire Strikes Back, questioning if his training sequence on Dagobah was merely a harbinger of things to come.

Theories began swirling about Luke's allegiances earlier this year when the first teaser for The Last Jedi included Luke claiming that the Jedi must end. Having not seen the character in over 30 years, virtually anything was possible, including his devotion to the Light side of the Force being called into question.

Earlier this month, the latest trailer and poster for the film debuted, setting the wheels of speculation back in motion. Most notably, Luke's appearance on the poster was the largest presence, looming behind all of the other characters. Based on poster trends for the saga, Luke took the position that the villains typically take, which some theorized lent credence to the villain conjecture.

Clearly the actor is just intentionally misleading his followers, but back in September, he replied to a fan who inquired about a new The Last Jedi trailer encouraging them to watch Monday Night Football on October 9 for "no reason in particular," only for the trailer to actually debut that night.

Luckily, the most recent tweets from the actor are more clearly taunts, but anything is possible.

We'll find out more about Luke's allegiances when The Last Jedi debuts on December 15.

[H/T The Hollywood Reporter]

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