Star Wars: Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher Once Tried Sneaking Into a 'Force Awakens' Screening

The Star Wars series has created some of the most spectacular action sequences in the history of cinema, making it difficult for audiences to take their eyes off a film. Despite the on-screen excitement, Billie Lourd and Carrie Fisher give those effects a run for their money, making the duo difficult to ignore when seen in person. Lourd recently confirmed that she and her mother once tried sneaking into a screening of The Force Awakens incognito, yet it didn't go quite as planned.

"No chance," Lourd joked to The Hollywood Reporter about if their attempt to sneak in unrecognized was effective.

The 2015 film served as Lourd's big screen debut, yet that same year, the actress made her TV debut with the series Scream Queens. The actress revealed that her mother also tried sneaking into a screening of the series, which was also unsuccessful.

"She showed up with mismatched socks and hadn't brushed her hair, and even then, everyone was like, 'There's Carrie Fisher!'" Lourd shared.

Fisher suddenly passed away late last year, with Lourd regularly honoring her mother at various Star Wars-related events throughout the year. At last year's Star Wars Celebration, Lourd attended the convention while wearing a white, flowing gown, reminiscent of the outfit her mother wore in the original Star Wars. At the premiere of The Last Jedi, Lourd wore a more luminescent outfit that also evoked a feeling of familiarity.

"One was dedicated to the classic white dress she wore and the other a nod to the hologram," Lourd confirmed of her ensemble choices.

Last week was the anniversary of Fisher's passing, with much of the internet sharing their admiration for the actress in a number of ways. Unsurprisingly, Lourd joined in on the tribute by fulfilling a plan that she had made with her mom.

According to an Instagram post, Fisher had "an otherworldly obsession" with the Northern Lights, a sight which the two had planned on experiencing together. Never having gotten the chance to fulfill this wish, Lourd instead traveled to Norway with her father Bryan Lourd and his husband Bruce Bozzi in honor of her late mother.

Lourd shared a photo of herself at the location and added the caption, "My momby had an otherworldly obsession with the northern lights, but I never got to see them with her. We journeyed to northern Norway to see if we might 'see the heavens lift up her dark skirts and flash her dazzling privates across [our] unworthy irises'. And she did. I love you times infinity."

You can see both Lourd and Fisher in The Last Jedi, in theaters now.

[H/T The Hollywood Reporter]

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