What Mark Hamill Thought About the Final Scene in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

It seems like few movies have been as divisive among fans as the latest Star Wars movie, especially when it comes to the film's final shot.

But actor Mark Hamill recently revealed his thoughts on the "broom boy" scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, addressing how important it is to the future of the franchise.

"What I love particularly was - and they didn’t have to do this because the movie’s over - all of a sudden you cut to the stable and there’s that little boy, he puts out his hand and the broom comes to him," Hamill told Games Radar. "It's so subtle, the first time I saw it I thought he just took it, but if you look he puts his hand out and it moves over for him, implying that yeah, she’s [Rey’s] the last Jedi... until the next Jedi. It’ll go on forever, believe me. Long after both of us are gone they’ll be making these films from here into eternity."

Hamill also revealed that he was surprised with the fans' reactions to writer and director Rian Johnson's take on the film, especially when it came to the death of Supreme Leader Snoke.

"I relate to the fans because I’m a fan myself," Hamill said. "I understand that they have a deep investment, a sense of ownership, because I do too and the problem is, you just can’t please everyone… I was surprised everyone was so upset that they got rid of Snoke. From Rian’s point of view, it was a big favorite for [Episode IX] because he’s not important. It clears the deck to have the conflict between Kylo and Rey without him getting in the way and having to explain if he’s a clone or if he’s related to Palpatine – all that stuff."

But now that his character has dissolved into the sunset, Hamill understands that it's time to close this chapter of his acting career. That said, maybe you shouldn't get your hopes up for seeing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode IX.


"I haven’t really thought about [Episode IX] because there’s such a sense of closure, Luke’s story is told. What more can I do?" Hamill said. "And you know, you have to start disconnecting from it emotionally. The main thing [that shocked me in The Force Awakens] was – Han Solo is killed! I’ll never get to work with Harrison again. Luke will never see Han again. That’s what struck me, that was the first break, we lost a member of the band."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.