'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Gets Japanese Poster

The floodgates for Solo: A Star Wars Story have been opened, and fans have been treated to a plethora of new images, clips, and plot details for the upcoming film.

With all of the new TV spots coming out over the last week, fans were also treated to a brand new Japanese poster for the film. The poster offers a unique take on assets that have already appeared in previous promotion. Take a look below.


Given all of the troubles that have occurred during the production of the latest Star Wars spinoff, it's crazy to think about how near we are to the film's premiere in theaters.

Director Ron Howard has been chipping away at the post-production process before the film debuts next month.

"The fact is, we've got a hell of a lot of work to do," Howard said to Empire Magazine. "The whole thing has been very focused, very intense but incredibly enjoyable. We all know we are going to make our date and we're feeling really resolved and solid about the movie."

Howard took over the production from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after the two parted ways with Lucasfilm over creative differences. Howard debated whether to join the film, but ultimately decided to get involved because he thought he could help.

"I jumped in as a bit of an adventure really, a kind of cinematic adventure for Ron," Howard told Empire Magazine. "It wasn't long before I had fallen completely in love with it, and I feel passionate and connected to this movie as anything I've done. It's been an exciting, exciting experience. I came in as a true believer in what the movie could be. I really loved the story, I thought the script was strong. I was very excited about the cast. So it was easy for me to be enthusiastic."

While the movie has been referred to as a "Han Solo origin movie," screenwriters Jon and Lawrence Kasdan thought of it as something else.

"What we had was a character that we loved who is enormous fun," Jon Kasdan told the Star Wars Show. "It wasn't like we ever approached it like, okay we’re going to fill in the backstory or the origin story of Han Solo. We had Han Solo and we were going to make a great crime movie around him. What we started with in A New Hope was a very cynical guy and it allowed for a character arc that naturally lent itself to this movie. Which is, how do you become a cynical guy?"


Fans will learn how when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.

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