Inkkas Launches a Line of Bold 'Star Wars' Shoes


Star Wars fans now have two options when it comes to stylish shoes from environmentally friendly footwear companies.

Indeed, Inkkas recently expanded their line of officially licensed, limited edition Star Wars boots, high-tops, slip-ons, and sneakers - many of which feature bold colors and prints. This is in contrast to Po-Zu, who have been releasing a steady stream of (mostly) minimalist Star Wars styles for several years now.

Both companies focus on high quality materials and ethical sourcing practices, and it appears that they've taken great pains to ensure that their shoes are comfortable. So it really comes down to which styles you prefer and how much you're willing to spend. On the whole, Inkkas line of Star Wars shoes are a bit more affordable than Po-Zu's. Not super cheap by any means, but pretty reasonable for a handmade product.

We also like Inkka's enthusiasm. For one thing, they note that each of the shoes feature Star Wars Easter eggs with "secret messages". Plus, they've made the Chewbaccaiest Chewbacca shoe that we've ever seen. Other standouts in the lineup include the Aztechy slip-on, the Star Wars Crawl slip-on, and the Ewok slip-on.

Head on over to Inkkas to check out the entire lineup. Again, this is a limited-edition collection, so grab your favorite Star Wars style while you can.


If you want to take your Star Wars style a step further, Inkkas Star Wars shoe line was first unveiled last year alongside a collection of watches from their sister company Flex. They're available to order here in classic and mini sizes for $40.

The faces and band of the watches are interchangeable, but they would be quite a match with some of the Inkkas Star Wars styles right out of the box.

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