This Might Be the Most Adorable Baby Yoda Fan Art Yet

Following the debut of Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+ last month, Baby Yoda has completely taken hold of the Internet and the craze surrounding the character isn't slowing down any time soon. The fourth episode of the series which arrived this past Friday, gave birth to a slew of memes, including baby Yoda sipping soup, and Baby Yoda trying to turn on music in Mando's ship. Everywhere you turn online you'll find Baby Yoda, but some of the best content around is coming from artists that are finding ways to make this little creature even more adorable.

Comic artist Yoni Limor of Nashville, TN shared a sketch of Baby Yoda that he drew and painted during an event for Small Business Saturday over the weekend, and it's perhaps the cutest thing you'll find on the Internet today. Limor is known for these quick sketches of popular characters, sports stars, and historical figures, giving them bigger eyes and cartoonish styles. This look is clearly a perfect fit for Baby Yoda.

"At the [Small Business Saturday] event at Red Caboose Park," Limor wrote in an Instagram post. "It's rainy, it's cold. But I've got a friend."

Of course, that friend is Baby Yoda, who is seated in the sketch and pointed up. This seems to mix the popular concept art of Baby Yoda in which his feet are bopping out of his clothes, with the bit in the second episode where he tried to heal The Mandalorian's wound, despite being told to stay in pod.

Limor also drew a sketch of Baby Yoda from the second episode that focuses on one of the young creature's funniest moments to date, when he catches and eats the frog in front of Mando and Kuiil. You can check it out below!

baby yoda yoni limor art
(Photo: Yoni Limor)

Head to Yoni Limor's Instagram account @Yonimation to see more of his work, and hopefully more Baby Yoda posts in the future.

What do you think of Limor's depiction of Baby Yoda? Which Baby Yoda meme has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments!


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