Baby Yoda Is Becoming A Street Art Pop Culture Icon

It's difficult to deny just how much of a phenomenon Baby Yoda has become ever since debuting on The Mandalorian, and while the official merchandise is just really starting to roll out, that hasn't stopped Star Wars fans from showing their appreciation for the character in a number of ways. That includes street art, and the adorable little guy has become a street art icon of sorts recently, appearing all over from the United Statues to France to Australia, and you can check them all out below (via Sumoflam's Less Beaten Paths of America).

The first one is a full close-up of Baby Yoda's face that popped up in France, courtesy of Sock Graffiti. As you can see, it's pretty impressive, and it's hard not to smile after seeing it, but that's not the only place he's popped up.

The next one comes courtesy of Hotel Madrid in Milwaukee and features a full shot of Baby Yoda standing and smiling underneath the hotel's sign that reads #feedtheanimals (via Milwaukeemag). The Hotel created the mural ahead of their upcoming Gremlins holiday takeover, and they thought Baby Yoda would be a nice addition.

Another one has surfaced in Charlotte, North Carolina, and features a bright and colorful portrait of Baby Yoda that features purple energy coming from him and a yellow background (via Reddit).

Andy Howell shared another piece of street art in Melbourne Australia, which features an adorable version of Baby Yoda looking upwards. It also features a humorous caption, saying "Chicken nugget I want, mmm...yes".

Baby Yoda Street Art in NODA - Charlotte, NC. from r/StarWars

We imagine these will be joined by others in the coming weeks and months, and Baby Yoda fever isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Baby Yoda first appeared at the very end of the first episode of The Mandalorian, as he ended up being the mysterious person Mando was supposed to bring back alive. Since then he's become Mando's adorable sidekick and is responsible for some of the show's best moments, including his sipping tea sequence, his constant playing with Mando's ship, and that memorable scene where he saved Mando from certain death.

All in all, Baby Yoda is awesome, and we can't wait to see what the Star Wars community comes up with next!


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